Bedazzle founders Diane & Phil Janssen lead this initiative offering tailored education packages to those with learning difficulties. It is organized in partnership with local colleges and local authorities. Educating young people in a group or classroom environment can often be counter-productive to individuals with any kind of learning issues. This may range from behavioural issues to mental and/or physical disabilities. Potential students are assessed thoroughly with the help of key people in charge of their welfare, including their carers, parents, teachers.

The first step is an informal interview with the student along with their parents or guardians. We devise a programme of projects that appeal to the student’s interest and start the process of enabling it to take place. We liaise with colleges and schools and formulate a timetable. Because Bedazzle’s core field of business is performing arts, this tends to form the basis of the programme, quite often, the student already attends a regular Bedazzle Performing Arts course or activity; wherever possible, we encourage this, as a group activity complements the isolation of the two-to-one teaching sessions.

Our primary aims (to ‘instill Confidence’, ‘increase Communication Skills’ and ‘inspire Creativity’) is the foundation of our teaching methods and performing arts fits these aims perfectly with proven results in improved diction, grammar, presentation skills as well as improved dexterity through our arts & crafts projects.



Bedazzle is often invited to hold Performing Arts workshops in school time. This is naturally tailored to events and activities already planned at the school. For example, a primary school in Huntington invited Bedazzle in to hold a Flamenco workshop as part of their ‘International Week’. As well as simple dance moves, the students learned about the history and folklore surrounding the ‘Flamenco Movement’. The introductory ‘flyer’ we handed-out is a tongue-in-cheek image inspired by the best-selling Spanish magazine ‘Hola!’ (aka ‘Hello! Magazine of course!).

Performing Arts workshops can be adapted to complement just about any project on the school curriculum – Science. Maths, English, History, Geography…